Fajitas Sports Bar Revere

At Fajitas Sports Bar Revere Ma, you will experience a pleasurable and sumptuous dining experience brought to life by a talented group of chefs and English-speaking waiting staff. Mexican food outside of Mexico has always been synonymous with ‘Tex-Mex’ fast food style eateries. Fajitas Sports Bar has broken that mould. Deep in the Heart of Revere Fajitas Sports Bar brings the flavours of the Authentic Mexican food. Fajitas Sports Bar Revere Ma is known for really good food and good prices serving delicious Tacos, Hamburgers, Enchiladas, Burrito and a vast variety of kid’s menu.Among our specialties we can highlight typical dishes

such as Fajitas and Burritos for a wide choice of tastes, all oriented to mainly Mexican cuisine. We are proud to serve the freshest ingredients and make almost everything from scratch - from our hand cut vegetables, fresh daily Sauces. We at Fajitas Sports Bar Revere have excellent tacos, fajitas, burritos, etc., also some gourmet Mexican dishes that you may not find anywhere else. It is perfect for 'comfort' Mexican food. We carry intensity in our lifestyle and our seasoning in our veins as a Mexican restaurant in Revere. Fajitas Sports Bar truly believes that we are not just another Mexican restaurant in Revere, it is one that serves lip-smacking, authentic food straight from the homes of Mexico and Latin America. Our menu features an array of bold and meticulous creations. The atmosphere of the restaurant, the discreet staff and the impeccable service will make you experience an unforgettable evening. We like to serve the best Mexican food and that’s why we always think of giving you the freshest and healthiest products so that you and your family get a good taste of Mexican restaurant in Revere. If you like super tasty delicious food, you’ve come to the right place at 46 Revere Street Revere MA 02151.